Lesson 46 — Fluency Development:
Words Used 450+ Times in the NT

In Lesson 41, you learned 20 words from flashcards, and read your way through John chapter 1.

In this lesson, we are going to add 21 words to your vocabulary.  This will include all the words you do not yet know, which are used 450+ times in the New Testament.

Once you have added these new words, you will have a chance to read John chapter 2.  Again, unfamiliar words—words you have not yet learned from flashcards—will appear beneath each verse.



But before you head into the passage, review flashcards for words that are new to you, which are used 450+ times in the NT.  Once you add the 21 cards in this stack, it will bring your vocabulary up to 41 words.  Together these will give you a handle on 55.8% of the contents of the New Testament.

Click here to review them in random order. 

This is a genuinely random mix.  This means you could see one word twice in a row one time through, and then not again for a long time.

Click here to review them sequentially, from (within this group of 21 words) the most common to the least common.


Read John 2 To Yourself and Understand What is Being Said

If you want to print John 2, with all the vocabulary helps below the verses, you can open this PDF file.  It is 9 pages long.

If you prefer to read this chapter on screen, click here to read in your browser.


Listen to John 2

Once you have read the chapter, then follow along in your hard copy GNT, and listen to John Schwandt read it aloud.


Read John 2 Aloud

Now that you have translated the chapter, and listened to the chapter being read, please take the time to read this chapter aloud yourself.