Lesson 43 — Read & Listen:  Acts 1

This is a lesson that is designed to be completed over a three-day period.

Day One

Read Acts 1 out loud to yourself.  If you have a hard copy Greek New Testament, read from it.  If not, you can read it from this PDF file.


It is OK if you don't remember all the words.  Just keep pressing ahead to read and pronounce all the words out loud.  Try and read through the whole chapter in one sitting.


Day Two

Repeat Day One's activity.  Read all of Acts 1 out loud to yourself.


Day Three

Follow along in your written copy of Acts 1 as you listen to it being read aloud by Dr. John D. Schwandt, president of Redemption Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Try to listen to this at full speed.  If this is too difficult for you, you can listen to it at two-thirds speed.

You may follow along using whatever version of the text you have, whether:

He is reading from the NA/UBS version of the Greek New Testament.  It will be either identical or almost identical to the text you read.