Lesson 42: Acts 3 Vocabulary

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You have already learned most of the words that are used more than 3 times in chapter 3  You learned them while you were studying chapter 2!!

Below are the words used more than 3 times that you did NOT run into in chapter 2: the common words that are new to you.  There are only 8 of them.

Words Used 3X or more in Chapter 3
Count Word as It
Appears in
the Text
WordDescr Lemma Brief Definition


ὅν relative pronoun, accusative singular masculine ὅς who, which, what, that; anyone, someone, a certain one
4 ἱερόν adjective, accusative singular neuter ἱερός holy, the temple, the temple area, the temple courtyard
4 κατά preposition κατά (gen.) against, contrary to, opposed; down, throughout; (acc.) in, by, with, in accordance with, for
4 ὑμῖν personal pronoun, dative plural σύ you
4 Πέτρος noun, nominative singular masculine Πέτρος Peter
3 εἶπε(ν) verb, 3rd person aorist active indicative singular λέγω to speak, say
3 ἐλεημοσύνην noun, accusative singular feminine ἐλεημοσύνη alms; gift; an act of kindness
3 προφητῶν noun, genitive plural masculine προφήτης prophet