Class Party!  Celebrate What We Have Accomplished!!

If we all lived in Edmonton, now would be the time for us all to go out for supper have a party.

But of course, we do not all live in we will have to make do with a virtual party.  So click on the "play" button to start the video to play while I review all we have accomplished so far.


You have translated 55 verses from Acts.  I am willing to bet that verses 25 to 29 of chapter 2 went a lot more quickly than verses 1 to 5 of chapter 1.

You have made enormous progress in your grasp of the language!

Of course, Acts has 1,002 verses, so we have only translated 5% of Acts together. HOWEVER, I have already covered 25% of the grammar with you that goes into a first year seminary Greek class. This is fantastic!

We are getting close to the point where we will start sinking our teeth into the Greek verb, which is the most challenging aspect of learning Greek.  Once we get on top of the verb, you will have most of the grammar you need to read and understand the Greek New Testament...for the rest of your life!

At that point, translating Acts together is going to start feeling different...and our translation speed will start to increase.  We will take on more and more verses in a single lesson.  We will zero in ever more on the meaning and application of the text, as the basic translation part of it will be getting easier and easier for all of us.

So kick back and pour yourself a Coca Cola (or a cup of tea or coffee...whatever is your way of celebrating), and take a few moments to enjoy what you have accomplished.  Well done!!